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The Truth about Retail

So if you’ve never worked retail then you do not know the true struggle. You feel like a doormat where people wipe their shitty people shoes on you. The customers treat you like you are a barely functioning human being. I’ve worked in retail for roughly two years and here are some of the crazy stories :

  1. A pale, flabby man changed in the corner of the store (stripped down to where he was only wearing boxers) instead of the going to the dressing room across from him.
  2. Someone literally took a shit on the floor.
  3. A customer told me to shove our store’s card up my ass…I should have considered it cause then I might have been able to leave.
  4. I almost witnessed a fight between our security guard and a group of customers that claimed their daughter was not stealing. We watched the video three times, and it showed her putting the jewelry in her purse, but no no she couldn’t have done that!
  5. A man walked up to my friend at work, and asked if he could spray the perfume on her so he could see how it smells on her skin.
  6. Someone literally stole several boxes of shoes then LEFT THEIR WALLET IN THE CART WITH THE EMPTY BOXES LIKE AN IDIOT!
  7. Lastly, the amount of worn shoes that people have returned is ridiculous. Can you be a decent human being? NO? Okay.

Some tips:

  1. You’re always wrong. You know you’re right? Nope, still wrong.
  2. No matter what you say, the customer still needs to hear your words come out of a manager’s mouth
  3. Don’t ever underestimate the simplest holidays… it’s still going to busy.

That’s all for now! I might keep these type of posts going! Bye for nooow.